17 07, 2018

Why Education In Pakistan Matters Now More Than Ever

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For decades, the children of Pakistan have been beset by a failing educational system. Despite years of ordinances and attempted overhauls, the country’s school system currently lacks sufficient teachers and safe places to learn. As a result, millions of children may never become literate, or pursue any education past primary school. A Young Nation In Need Of Education

Pakistan is home to tens of millions of children, with about one-quarter of the country’s current population believed to be under the age of 16. In fact, one in ten school-aged children worldwide are Pakistani. Yet as of […]

1 05, 2018

Photo Update: New Construction to Keep Children Safe

2018-05-07T12:02:45-06:00May 1st, 2018|Afghanistan, Pakistan, Programs, Tajikistan|7 Comments

For many in Central Asia, education takes place outdoors. Without classrooms or school buildings, students sit in chairs or on a carpet. If there is enough money, the school can buy a tent to keep rain and wind from stopping a lesson.

With little else to distinguish where a school property begins or ends, strangers can wander right onto the property or lurk at its borders. If that sounds concerning to you, it is as well for parents. Too often, that danger results in children kept at home, away from a threat of kidnapping or abuse. In conservative communities, where many […]

8 01, 2018

Update: The Number of Girls with Access to Education in Darel Valley Homeschools Doubles

2018-03-28T16:02:16-06:00January 8th, 2018|Pakistan, Programs, Student Education Support Program (SESP)|12 Comments

In 2017, after careful talk and negotiation, CAI was presented with the opportunity to create more educational opportunities to Diamer District, an incredibly conservative area in Pakistan. In this region 72 percent of children age three to 16 are out of school, with girls representing the majority of that number. For decades outside groups have attempted to bring education to this region, but the concerned mullahs (religious leaders), were cautious of these foreign groups, many of which tried to start programs without talking with them or getting their approval.

30 10, 2017

What About the Boys? Educating Boys is Still Important in Developing Countries

2020-01-09T11:48:06-06:00October 30th, 2017|Afghanistan, General, Pakistan|8 Comments

Educating girls in developing countries has been the focal point of NGOs and charity organizations for many years. The UN highlighted girls’ education in both the 2000 Millennium Development Goals and the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals.  While these goals include educating boys too, they call out the disparity in gender specifically. CAI also singles out girls’ education as an important focus in our mission, noting that girls face higher social and economic barriers to education than boys in the countries where we work.

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