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Emergency Response to Herat Earthquake

Between 7 and 15 October 2023, Herat Province, Afghanistan, endured a series of three powerful earthquakes, each registering a magnitude of 6.3 on the Richter scale. The initial two earthquakes, occurring on 7 and 11 October, inflicted profound devastation, resulting in the tragic loss of 1,480 lives and leaving 1,950 individuals injured.

With your support, we were able to rapidly mobilize funds to support survivors of the earthquake. Read on to find out the difference that your contribution made:

Coming together to help

Central Asia Institute and our Afghan partner, WADAN, coordinated closely with provincial leaders and the Directorate of Public Health and Directorate of Disaster Relief. We also joined meetings with the Regional Cluster to ensure synergy, prevent duplication, and target the most vulnerable demographics. With these partnerships, we were able to identify 35 female health workers requiring assistance to carry out their duties, as well as 80 child-headed households not being served by other organizations.

Your gift made a difference

In the course of our outreach, your contributions funded direct cash assistance to 80 Child Headed Households, helping them to meet immediate needs and begin rebuilding their lives. Your gift also enabled us to distribute financial incentives to 35 Female Health Workers who had volunteered their services for transportation, communication, and food expenses for two months. These health workers played a critical role in providing healthcare services to the affected population.

Sharing words of relief and gratitude

One health worker, Ms. Amina Mohammad, expressed heartfelt gratitude for the assistance. While she felt called to volunteer during the dire tragedy, the financial incentive helped alleviate burdens to her own family. “I do not have a regular salary and so this support will play a critical role in ensuring my children’s basic needs are met.”

Another female health worker, Mrs. Kubra Qadir, echoed feelings of appreciation. As the sole provider for her household, she explained the profound impact this assistance would have on meeting her family’s needs.

Similar sentiments were expressed among the child-headed households. Mr. Sardar, a relative of one of the children tragically orphaned by the earthquake, extended heartfelt gratitude to CAI for their donation. With the loss of their parents, many of these children rely heavily on the support of relatives, yet the stress of such responsibilities often surpasses the means of these households already grappling with their own hardships.

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