How to set up a Facebook Fundraiser

Facebook allows you to create your own fundraiser to support a cause you care about. Follow the steps below and ask your friends to help you raise funds for Central Asia Institute. 

1. Log into your Facebook account

Navigate to the Central Asia Institute Page. Then click on “Fundraisers”. 

Fundraising Step 1

2. Click the “Raise Money” button

This creates a shareable page that you can customize with a title, a goal amount, and an end date. 

Fundraising Step 2

3. Personalize your page

Though you can choose to keep the automated title and description for your fundraiser about Central Asia Institute’s mission and why you’re raising money for our work, your friends are more likely to respond if you customize your message. Share why CAI is meaningful to you and how donating to your fundraiser will impact the lives of girls and women in the most remote regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. Finally, fill in your goal amount. 

4. Select a photo

You can choose one of our images, or you can upload your own photo. After you select the photo  click “Done.” You’ll have the option to move or crop it.

Fundraising Step 4
Fundraising Select a Photo

5. Start your fundraiser

Select “Create” to publish your fundraiser and share it to your Facebook timeline. 

Fundraising Step 5



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