Legacy Society

Founding Members

Louise A Cameron Roseville, MN

Penny Thomsen Pleasant Hill, IA

Barbara Marin Decatur, GA

Carol Baker St. Paul, MN

Hallie Rugheimer Wilsall, MT

Doris Lang East Moline, IL

Mr. and Mrs. Lewand Sugar Land, TX

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Donor Story

“By vocation I was an elementary school teacher so I strongly believe in education, especially for girls.  I traveled through Afghanistan in 1968 and saw the living conditions.  I also believe education for a girl or women will raise the standard of living and allow said person 3-4 times increase per year.

I contribute regularly and will leave a percentage of my money after I die.”

Louise Cameron, Legacy Member

Planned Giving With Central Asia Institute

When you think about your legacy, what comes to mind? Is it your children and grandchildren? Is it a property or business? What about a path forward? Many people associate a legacy with something that lasts after we are gone, but a legacy is a path that connects the past with the present and acts as a guide for the future.

Your legacy has the ability to create lasting change for the future. The things you value and hold dear will be passed down, and the map you create will be etched in time for future generations to follow. Now is the time to help shape the course of history and let your legacy help guide the future.

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