Pennies for Peace

One penny.
A world of change.

Use Spare Change to Enact Real Change

Educators don’t just exist in the classroom. Yes, the nuggets of knowledge children learn in school are critical to their development, but parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, religious leaders, coaches, and other role models can be educators too. Education is a powerful gift to give, and with the help of our Pennies for Peace (P4P) program, you can open minds, open doors, and open unlimited possibilities.

Pennies for Peace

What is P4P?

Central Asia Institute’s P4P is a service-learning program that is fun, easy, and informative. Through accessible videos, fun activities to complete at home, and arts and crafts projects, our campaign teaches children about:

  • The power of education in Central Asia
  • Cultural understanding
  • Geography
  • Our responsibilities as global citizens

What does it cost to participate in P4P?

Not a thing! Our entire program, including access for teachers to a K-12 curriculum and toolkit that includes fact sheets about the countries in which we work, is completely free and downloadable from the official P4P page. There’s no fee or donation required.


Participate in P4P
Thank You P4P

What other P4P activities are available?

We encourage school-age children around the world to collect pennies that we’ll turn into books, new schools, and the essentials that children in Central Asia need to learn. These penny drives teach children about people and the power of hope, empathy, and volunteerism. In places like Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan, just a few of those pennies could buy a pencil for a child yearning to write.

How can someone sign-up for P4P?

It only takes a click! Just visit our official P4P page and register to get involved today. Together, we can change everything — one penny at a time.



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