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Empowering women and girls through education

We know that until children, especially girls, are educated, societies won’t change. Education is the antidote for ignorance, poverty, and war.

  • More than 573 million women and girls worldwide are illiterate.
  • A woman’s earnings will be 10-20% higher for every year of school she completes.
  • The child of a literate mother has a 50% greater chance of surviving past age 5.
  • Children with educated mothers are 50% more likely to go to school.
  • Of 57 million children who aren’t in school 31 million of them are girls.
Empowering women and girls through education
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When CAI began its work in 1996, there was nothing to follow, no formula for doing this kind of work in these areas, and no infrastructure to support it. CAI pioneered a process to bring together disparate groups with varying agendas within these regions around a singular objective – the education of their children.

The success of CAI’s process hinges on community involvement. CAI believes in the strength of neighbors pitching in together for the common good. We only go where we’re invited, serving the neediest people in the “Last Best Places.” Our projects are, by design, initiated by a community request. We build relationships first.

Yet, for every project we do, we get five more requests. The need, the hunger, the demand for education is almost immeasurable.


Little girls with dreams become women with vision

  • 98,225 people benefitted from our programs in 2015 alone.
  • 67% of education program beneficiaries were female
  • 615 scholarships were awarded
  • 1183 teachers were trained
  • 24 active construction projects were started
  • 1028 women and girls learned to read, write, and do basic math in our literacy centers
  • 1549 women learned life skills in vocational trainings to support their families
  • 3,014 young women got free afterschool lessons in core subjects by participating in our Students Education Support Program
  • 762 young women and men who previously had no access to education were prepared for a formal education in our expedited Quick Learning Center Program
  • ALL 109 early childhood development teachers in Tajikistan’s Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Oblast attended a training on the latest methods for working with children ages 2-5

Our mission is their dream

2015 Impact on Girls
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