Completed Preschool 2 in Tajikistan

Tajikistan’s Preschool #2 Comes to Life

Supporters of Preschool #2 (P2) in Tajikistan will be able to celebrate soon!  Four years ago, we broke ground on P2, and so many of our dedicated donors immediately joined us in the project as Brick Layers, funding the construction of this model school that will serve the Khorog community for many years to come. 

P2 Before: A school in dire need of repairs

Due to the extremely remote and unstable nature of the areas in which we work, project timelines are dependent upon the availability of both supplies and labor, so we are grateful to everyone for their patience and steadfast belief in the project.  We’re excited to share some photos of the school during its various stages of construction, culminating in how it looks today.

With many hands, a change begins

Progress amplifies excitement in the community

With only a few finishing touches left, the doors to Preschool #2 will soon open to 120 eager students.  Stay tuned for additional photos and a video tour of the school.   

A school to be proud of

The final result is a school that students, teachers, and families are immensely proud of. This building would never have been possible without YOUR support. Thank you for caring about the preschool students of Barushan, Tajikistan, and for sharing your resources with them. Stay tuned for a full video tour of the building!

6 responses to “Tajikistan’s Preschool #2 Comes to Life”

  1. I am a long time supporter of CAI and love hearing about the ongoing projects and the people involved. I wish I were able to contribute more financially than is possible for me. I am elderly and have a fixed income, so my contributions rely on selling a piece of my art or other such windfalls. I believe strongly in the education of women and girls and the provision of resources to that end.

    • Hi Sharon,
      Thank you so much for your generous support and kind words! And rest assured that we value all gifts, whether it is the gift of a donation or the gift of attention, it is all important in driving more opportunities to the communities we serve. Thank you!!

  2. Wonderful work that involves local workers. Blessings on everyone involved.

  3. I have been supporting CAI almost since the beginning, or that’s how it seems. Some of the young female students then were planning to go on to be teachers. I wonder if any of them are going to be teaching at P2. I’m delighted that P2 is up and running. From my own experience, I understand very well the challenges presented by such projects in faraway places, but CAI always manages to pull it off in the end, that’s why I’m happy to continue my support – Go Girls!

    • Thanks so much for your support and encouragement, Gil! We have certainly heard anecdotes of CAI students becoming CAI teachers at various locations and we are working to document more stories of that nature. It’s so rewarding to see students come full circle in that way.

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