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Young students in school

Learn how to support girls’ education in smart, tax-savvy ways

Learn how to support girls’ education in smart, tax-savvy ways By Sonja BahrCentral Asia Institute depends on the commitment and generosity of supporters like you to unlock the potential of...
Gulnamo Beknazarova

Differently abled craftswoman

Differently abled craftswoman turns her passion into a profession By Hannah DenysNow Gulnamo is 42, and she creates elaborate, richly colored handicrafts—from traditional Pamiri socks to ornately beaded jewelry to...
Snow covered mountain peak in Central Asia

Living on the roof of the world

Living on the "Roof of the World" By Claudia KoechellThe Pamir and Karakoram ranges, which are part of the broader Hindu Kush Himalayan region, include some of the tallest peaks...
Home school in Afghanistan

Girls’ Education: Finding a way forward under Taliban rule

Girls’ Education: Finding a way forward under Taliban rule By Molly Shapiro Afghanistan’s recent fall to the Taliban has brought global attention to the immense challenges girls and women living...
CAI Library Van in Pakistan

Read and Go Forward

Read and go forward Library on wheels delivers joy and knowledge to students in remote villages.By Hannah DenysFor many children living in northern Pakistan, simply getting to school is the...
Afghan girl in school

Girls’ education in Afghanistan

Girls’ education in Afghanistan: Sowing the seeds of hope for a better future By Alice Thomas Afghan women and girls face an uncertain and ominous future. Now that U.S. and...
Afghan women wearing burquas

Letter from an Afghan Woman

Intro Letter from an Afghan Woman My name is Aisha, and I was born in Afghanistan. You will read part of my story in this magazine. My story has the...
Old fashioned radio

Muallim Radio Program

Muallim Radio Program By Rebecca Lee Children in Pakistan tune in and learn Picture a group of young children hunkered down around a radio listening to their favorite program. The...
Adnan Ahmed - Board Member

Join us in welcoming Adnan Ahmed to CAI’s board of directors

We are pleased to welcome Adnan Ahmed to Central Asia Institute’s board of directors. Adnan is an experienced CEO and brings with him over 25 years of experience leading teams...
Afghan woman in her sewing studio

In Afghanistan women are being targeted for assassination

In Afghanistan, women are being targeted for assassination Violence is not new to Afghanistan. But the recent spate of targeted killings of some of the country’s best and brightest -...
Children in Afghanistan

What’s at stake in the Afghan Peace Process?

What's at stake in the Afghan Peace Process? An expert shares her view. By Belquis Ahmadi, Senior Program Officer at United States Institute of Peace Belquis Ahmadi In Afghanistan, one of...
Covid Update

CAI’s Ongoing COVID Response

CAI’s Ongoing COVID Response Raising awareness, creating access to education, and readying schools for when students return Our first wave of COVID emergency relief, distributed earlier this year, helped to...
Girl with blue headscarf

COVID-19 Emergency Relief: Creating impact where it’s needed most

COVID-19 Emergency Relief: Creating impact where it’s needed most When COVID-19 hit Central Asia in early April, the situation quickly escalated into a crisis. CAI responded quickly. We were in...
Middle School girl in Parvan

Top 10 Reasons To Support Girls’ Education

The Top 10 Reasons to Support Girls' EducationTo change the world, educate the girls.The immediate benefit and long-term impact of educating a girl is astonishing. Health improves. Economies grow. Societies...
Give Big Gallatin Valley

Give Big Gallatin Valley 2020

This year for Give BIG Central Asia Institute wants to support YOU and give back. April 30, 6pm to May 1, 6pm Click the links below to access hours of...



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