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We are pleased to welcome Adnan Ahmed to Central Asia Institute’s board of directors. Adnan is an experienced CEO and brings with him over 25 years of experience leading teams to create transformational growth at Fortune 500 companies and startups. He is currently CEO of Blue Top Capital, a private equity investment company.

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Recently, Adnan sat down with us to answer a few questions about why he chose to join the board of directors and work to promote education.

Why is CAI’s work important?

Adnan: Children represent the future of this world, our hopes, our aspirations. As parents, there is nothing more important for us than caring for our children and providing them with a better future. As a father, I feel blessed that I can provide my kids with education and opportunities to live a fulfilling life. But there are many kids who continue to languish in poverty, with no access to education or opportunities, and no hope for a better future. CAI’s work focuses on these kids in the most remote, marginalized areas of the world – these are the kids the world forgot. CAI gives these kids hope for a better future through education and vocational opportunities. I can think of few things that are more important.

With so many incredible causes to choose from, why join CAI’s board of directors?

Adnan: I’m a strong believer in CAI’s cause and, as a donor, have been an ardent supporter of its work for over 10 years. The work that the CAI team does in dangerous regions, against adverse local conditions, and with a handful of people and meager resources, is truly a testament to the dedication and passion of this team. This level of passion and dedication is rare and inspiring. So, when the opportunity presented itself to contribute to CAI in a more meaningful way, I jumped at it.

Is there anything else that you’d like to share with our readers? 

Adnan: I enjoy traveling. I have lived, worked, and/or traveled in over 37 countries, including some of the regions where CAI works, and have enjoyed having my mind broadened and paradigms redefined through my interaction with these diverse cultures and people. Most of my free time is spent with my two daughters who are in school, and who constantly remind me of how much I don’t know. When I’m not spending time with my daughters, I enjoy playing squash, reading books, and enjoying a quiet movie night at home.

We’re honored to welcome Adnan to the Central Asia Institute family!

Interested in joining CAI’s board of directors? Email us at

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