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[Urgent] Taliban seize control of Kabul & solidify control of the country

Along with so many people around the world, CAI’s staff and board are deeply distraught by the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan and gravely concerned for the safety of the Afghan people. The collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul over the last 24 hours have put the country’s future on a highly volatile and ominous path. There is little certainty about what will happen next – or of what life under Taliban rule will look like.

Already those who have most to fear – Afghanistan’s women and girls – are fleeing for their lives. Our hearts go out to the innocent civilians who’ve been caught up in the violence or who are at risk. We’re deeply concerned for the hundreds of thousands of people who’ve already been forced to flee their homes, 80 percent of whom are women and children.

At this dark time, Central Asia Institute remains committed to doing all we can to continue our education programs. But for now, we’re shifting our immediate focus to the urgent needs of those who are most vulnerable. At present, we’re working with our local partners to assess the most immediate needs of the displaced, especially children, many of whom lack food, water, shelter, and healthcare. Please keep an eye out on our website and Facebook page for updates on how CAI is responding.

Thank you to everyone who has reached out to express their concern and offered their help. Your expressions of support and solidarity mean so much to us.

Never before in CAI’s 20-year history of working in Afghanistan has more been at stake for the Afghan women, girls, and families we serve. Yet, as always, we remain resolute in our commitment to do all we can to respond to this crisis and stand with the Afghan people. Thank you for standing with us.

If you would like to support our efforts and help meet immediate needs, please consider making a gift now.

With deepest gratitude,
Alice Thomas
Executive Director, Central Asia Institute

6 responses to “[Urgent] Taliban seize control of Kabul”

  1. Thank you for the information sent in emails of August 15, 11 and earlier. I greatly appreciate learning about the schools, children, women in Afghanistan that CAI has worked with directly. I also know it must be extremely difficult to be in communication with them directly at this time.
    Wishing you continued success and influence as you work for the people in Afghanistan who call you and your staff friends.
    Mary Smith

    • Thank you for your kind words, Mary. It is a difficult time, but we’re grateful to have kindhearted individuals, like yourself, as part of our family.

  2. Thank you for your updates. While I strongly believe that your work will not go waste… so many seeds have been planted… I feel so sad for the women and girls there. I pray that they can escape.

    • Thank YOU for your support, Cammy. I couldn’t have said it better. Yes, there are so many seeds that have been planted. Women and girls are determined that their rights will not be taken away. We have to stand with them.

  3. Thank you for all of your efforts. Understanding the region from a distance, my sense is that the Taliban will not allow CAI to continue educational efforts for girls in Afghanistan. Will you be using new donations to evacuate the local people who have worked for CAI? Thank you! Dianne Farley

    • Hi Dianne, Thank you for your support. A few of our educational programs have been able to move forward since the takeover. Communities can stop them anytime they feel it necessary to do so, and we are encouraging anyone engaged in any activity to keep a low profile. Many people are simply focused on survival at the moment, so we are focusing on helping those people most in need. As a result of the conflict, more than 250,000 people have been displaced – 80% of whom are women and children. Many lack access to food, water, shelter, and healthcare. We’re working to get emergency aid to them. As things develop, we’ll continue to work when and where we’re able. But we are very much committed to standing with the Afghan people. For future updates, please keep an eye on our website or join our mailing list. You are always welcome to reach out to us directly too – Thank you!

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