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See the School You Built

In the spring, we asked for your help to build a new primary school in Pish, Tajikistan. The existing school was built years ago without any input from engineers or professional builders. As a result, the structure was falling apart. It didn’t have a proper roof or floor, which made it usable only in the summertime (and the summertime in remote Tajikistan is very short). Even then, the condition of the building made attending class dangerous.

With your help, we were able to raise the necessary funds to start construction in May 2018 and the new school was finished that winter. Here’s a look at the construction, start to finish.

Thank you for giving these children a great place to learn!

15 responses to “See the School You Built”

  1. Fantastic school. Slideshow was a great idea to let supporters see how their money is being spent.

  2. It is a disgrace that CAI had to build this school considering that the government officials appear so well dressed and prosperous. I hope the government makes sure the building is maintained, good teachers hired and adequate materials(books, etc) continue to be provided.

  3. I am just so thrilled to see how CAI has given that community the resources to give their beautiful children a decent chance to get the schooling all children deserve.

    • Thanks so much for your kind words, Jonathan. We can’t wait to see generations of students learn and thrive here.

      Have a lovely evening.

      All the best,
      Hannah Denys

  4. It made me quite happy today to see what my modest donation helped to build. Being part of giving these children a safe, comfortable new school has brighten my day. I am grateful to CAI for creating a way for me to be able help improve the future of these children, through education.

    • Dear Vernon,
      We’re so glad we could brighten your day. Fantastic folks like you brighten our day too! Keep your eyes open for other great updates on the impact you’re having – coming soon!

      Warm regards,
      Hannah Denys

  5. Congratulations! what a beautiful school, inside and out! what a great designer and team to make this possible.

  6. Beautiful stone work. What is the final covering on the outside of the building?
    Beautiful colors!
    How many classrooms? I count 5 doors off the shown hallway.
    Wouldn’t it be grand to have a covered walkway to the toilet?
    I’m hoping the children don’t have to be so trussed up in fancy dancey clothing
    to come to school each day.
    Do they all walk to school? Is there an exercise room? Lunch room? First aid supplies?
    God bless them all; keep them safe and sound.

    • Dear Marian,
      Such great questions. A sort of plaster usually covers the outside of the buildings. Yes, 5 rooms and I believe a small one for the teachers as well. I agree a covered walkway to the toilet is a great idea! Yes, the students all live nearby so they walk or ride bikes to school. No exercise or lunch room, but the classrooms have ample space for both of those activities. Thank you so much for your well wishes!

      All the best,
      Hannah Denys

  7. Thank you so much for the picture of the new school. I am so leased that the children in this remote area have a good school to attend. I hope good teachers are found and good materials provided

    • Thank you, Susan. We have so much hope for these children and this school. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on how things progress.

      All the best,
      Hannah Denys

  8. Great work. So good to see local community members involved in constructing the school and investing in their children’s education. Thank you for everything CAI is doing to support education, particularly for girls in these remote regions.

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