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A Charitable Wedding Day is Special for Hundreds

Chiara Guariglia’s wedding day will be special, and not just for herself and her fiancé Valerio Nardone. Chiara has chosen to dedicate her wedding to Central Asia Institute. As a result, the celebration will also be a event to remember for dozens of children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan when they learn in schools supported by their charitable wedding gifts.

In Italy, guests usually place a gift of money into the bag or box at the reception. At Chiara’s wedding, when they open the gift box, they will see a note inside informing them that their gift is being donated to Central Asia Institute.

“I and my fiancé Valerio strongly believe that education can make the difference”

Education Can Make the Difference

“I and my fiancé Valerio strongly believe that education can make the difference,” Chiara says. “Women or girls without education cannot make their own way. An educated girl can make decisions on her own, and if she decides to get married, she will be able to gain some money to help the family.”

It’s common in Italy for the newly married couple to designate a charity to give to. And across the world, it’s becoming popular to add charitable donations to a wedding registry. At the recent union in the UK of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the couple invited guests to choose a charitable gift to seven organizations to honor their marriage.

If you’re planning your wedding, consider joining the trend by including a charity in your registry.

“We want our marriage to bring happiness to other people too.”

Easy to Choose Central Asia Institute

Chiara says that Central Asia Institute was an easy choice to designate for her charitable wedding. “My husband and I are both teachers, so we experience the importance of education every day,” she says. “We want our marriage to bring happiness to other people too. Other people should be able to start a new life, just as we are doing and supporting CAI, we know this goal will be reached. This makes us feel like our day is not just ‘ours’, but something shared.”

“CAI helps people learn how to build their own way.”

Central Asia Institute’s mission and community focus resonate with the couple. “CAI helps people learn how to build their own way, without waiting for someone else to help them. A very important aspect of CAI is that it involves local people. CAI helps to build schools or roads, but the task of teaching is left to the local people. All CAI’s activities are carried out respecting local customs and religions. This makes people more confident about CAI’s work. Children (especially girls) can enjoy school because their parents do not see it as an ‘American school’, but as an ‘Afghan’ or ‘Pakistani’ or ‘Tajik’ school.”


A Wedding to Remember

Chiara and Valore’s charitable wedding will bring happiness to themselves and hundreds of others. At Central Asia Institute, we’re happy to tell them, “Tanti auguri!” (best wishes), and pass on the thanks of the girls and boys they’ve helped with their charitable wedding.

6 responses to “A Charitable Wedding Day is Special for Hundreds”

  1. Chiara and Valerio, you are the best standard bearers for Italy! Evviva gli sposi! (Hip hip ooray for the bride and the groom!). May you have a sunny day, as long as your life together!

  2. What a beautiful gesture
    And bottom line practical.
    Gracie Tanto Chiara et Valore!

  3. Italy–a part of my heart as my father was born there. It makes we happy that other parts of the world share in our concern for those less fortunate.

  4. Congratulations to you both…. and you are both role models for how ordinary people can start to turn around this madness in the world.

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