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URGENT APPEAL for earthquake survivors in Herat, Afghanistan

In the wake of the recent devastating earthquakes in Afghanistan, which claimed the lives of more than 2,000 people and left nearly 10,000 injured, the situation is dire. Thousands of homes have been destroyed, and more than 66,000 people were affected across multiple districts. These communities are in urgent need of assistance.

While CAI doesn’t operate directly in this area, we are compelled to lend a hand. Our immediate priority is to provide humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable in the community – particularly female and child-headed households who have been displaced and are struggling to meet their basic needs. These families lack the financial resources necessary to support their loved ones.

In addition, we are collaborating with a dedicated group of female health workers who have generously volunteered their services. To further empower their efforts, CAI is committed to providing incentives and transportation support.

A disaster unfolds

On October 7th, 2023, a typical day was abruptly transformed into a devastating humanitarian crisis when the first of three earthquakes hit western Afghanistan. In the following days, an additional two earthquakes continued to destroy homes and injure and kid individuals. According to a Washington Post article, more than 90% of those killed were women and children, many of whom were likely in their brick and concrete homes at the time of the quakes.

Central Asia Institute operates programs in the northern region of Afghanistan, far from the devastation of these earthquakes. But in a nation that is already facing intense challenges due to economic, environmental, and political factors, everyone has a duty to step in and help.

Map of Afghanistan showing the epicenter of earthquake

Our response

Once we had confirmed the safety and well-being of our direct partners and program beneficiaries, CAI went to work coordinating with partners about the greatest needs on the ground and how we could help. Partner organization, WADAN, worked quickly and diligently to identify the needs that we were best suited to meet.

This is where you come in: the request is simple and impactful, and we need your help to respond quickly. Each donation raised towards this urgent campaign will go directly towards purchasing necessities for families, prioritizing women, and child-headed households. These funds will also support volunteer Afghan women health workers to provide medical assistance in these communities.

Your support can make a profound difference during this critical time. Together, we can help these families rebuild their lives and provide essential aid to those who need it most.

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