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Every year CAI publishes stories and photos from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan in our Journey of Hope publication. Get yours today!

You have probably heard the age-old adage, sharing is caring. This saying is very true for many of the communities we serve in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan where storytelling is an essential part of the culture. When stories are shared acquaintances become friends, friends become family, and families become stronger.

In this publication we have shared the stories of the people we serve with you. By reading them you, advertently or inadvertently, have become part of our extended family. We have shared, you have cared.

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Get a glimpse of life in Central Asia as you read stories from many different authors. See the faces of people whose lives we’ve touched, and visit the beautiful places where we work. In this beautiful publication you will find over 60 pages of:

  • Beautiful photography of some of our planet’s most intriguing places
  • Poems from the Afghan Women’s Writing Project
  • Articles about bringing education to Central Asia

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In Our Latest Issue

  • Fresh Focus: Updated Vision & Mission
  • Why Update Central Asia Institute’s Vision & Mission
  • Educate a Girl. Change the World.
  • Courage, a Dream, and a Better Life: The story of a fatherless girl from the high mountains of remote Pakistan, in her own words
  • Disaster Zone
  • Remote: Working in an Unforgiving Land Expedition to Tajikistan’s Frontier Towns
  • Under Construction: Your Donations at Work
  • If Education is Light, then Water is Life
  • Unsung Heroes of Education
  • Quiz: How much do you know about girls’ education? Central Asia Crossword Puzzle
  • Bacha Posh: Afghan girls raised as boys
  • The Girl Who Became a Boy to Survive: A conversation with the author of The Breadwinner
  • Fighting for the Dream of Education: The power of your donations in the face of declining giving
  • What Does Community Mean?


2018 Journey of Hope - Keep Hope Alive
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