Central Asia Institute’s mission is to empower communities of Central Asia through literacy and education, especially for girls, promote peace through education and convey the importance of these activities globally. The videos listed below have been culled from CAI’s extensive video archive. They were chosen to highlight our programs in Afghanistan and Pakistan, expound on the many benefits of educating children in developing countries and demonstrate the role of education in building a peaceful world.

Footsteps – Spring 2019

The desire for education is so great in Central Asia that students and teachers risk their safety every day to study and work in dilapidated schools. There is no other building to use, no money to rebuild, and no one to help them.

Journey of Hope – Fall 2018

Want the full experience? Watch this…

Pakistani photojournalist, Sa’adia Khan, visited schools and other CAI projects this summer. Retrace her steps.

We Will Rise Above

You can help re-write the stories of thousands more deserving students, ensure that refugee children don’t become a lost generation, create opportunities for women to become entrepreneurs through vocational training, and help these hard working people rise above any challenge that comes their way. Each day they face many barriers that try to keep them down, but together we won’t let that happen. Together we will help them rise.

Stand Together, Stand as One

Something unstoppable can start so simply and bring two worlds together. From a school in Denver, Co to the streets of Afghanistan, 7,000 miles away. Help the next generation of women become unstoppable – stand together, stand as one. 

Education: The Civil Rights Movement of Our Time


Ami has advocated for educational development and equality in the U.S. for the past 20 years. Central Asia Institute has done the same in war-torn and impoverished areas of the world.

“I truly believe that when all kids have access to what some kids have, in terms of an equal education, it will drastically change our world,” Ami said. “We must address barriers to education, whatever they are.”

When you take away barriers to education and a student can experience success for the first time, this becomes a foundation for further success. They learn that there is no limit to what they can do.

CAI’s spring campaign will directly fund boundary walls, tent schools, and essential supplies, because when children are not given the opportunity to use their energy in a positive way they are more likely to use it in a negative way. Education has the power to break this cycle.

Pennies for Peace Partnership

Cross-cultural understanding is an important part of creating a better world. Get together and be part of a meaningful service-learning project that can enriched the lives of your community.

Faces of the Future

Students discuss what having a CAI scholarship has meant to them and the challenges they would face without it.


Journey of Hope: Change starts with you

A dollar is just a dollar, right? Or perhaps a dollar is a declaration that landmines and war must not rob the tiniest and most vulnerable among us of their right to play. A dollar is a wish that childhood marriage and lack of education no longer deprive young women of their right to speak. Actually, it is the best defense against tyranny, oppression and violence. It is safety, health, water, books, scholarships, empowerment, justice, change, and hope. See what your dollar can do by watching our latest video or  reading the stories enclosed in this year’s Journey of Hope magazine.