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Women’s Literacy & Vocational Centers

Women’s education needs in CAI supported communities include many nontraditional students. We support women’s literacy centers where women of all ages can learn basic reading, writing, and math. These centers also teach hygiene, sanitation, nutrition, and money management. Often hosted in a local home these private tutorial settings can provide the safe environment necessary for women to attend in areas of the world where women’s empowerment is not always supported. Literacy, even at a basic level, is one of CAI’s most important mission initiatives. Once women can read they become aware of what is happening in the world around them. Suddenly, they can read street signs and navigate their way to markets. They are able to read newspapers. They are able to read the constitution of their own country and recognize their own inalienable rights. And when women are aware of their rights they much more likely to exercise them. In countries like Afghanistan where over half of the population is illiterate this is one of the most powerful instruments of change.

Vocational centers are also an important part of our mission. Training women in sewing, weaving, and knitting can provide life skills that improve a family’s ability to produce income. When needed these courses provide equipment and materials for women to get started producing goods that can be sold to their home communities.

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