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Teacher Support For Student Success

School buildings don’t come to life without teachers. We provide teacher support to schools in Central Asia to ensure our students are learning through the most up-to-date practices. We also want to make sure schools have enough teachers to keep class size down and make sure both girls and boys have the right teachers to help them succeed.

In order to do this we provide teacher support by supplying salaries and helping offset the cost of trainings. When schools can afford to pay their teachers a living wage, the effects are palpable. It provides a livelihood in many areas where jobs are hard to find, and they serve as role models for their students.

When we help with the cost of trainings, teachers are able to learn the latest teaching techniques and stay up-to-date on curriculum. They return to their classrooms with a better sense of classroom management, an understanding of how to teach to different learning styles, and a better ability to help their students succeed. Teachers who are trained in the standard state curriculum have more opportunity to prepare their students for higher learning. Their students have a better chance of passing national exams that pave the way for college or university.

By supporting just one teacher, we can affect the lives of hundreds of students in the classroom. That teacher will pass on important knowledge, and provide students with hope. Students will be able to envision a future as a professional and pursue a life free from poverty. Investing in teachers provides some of the biggest impact over time.

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