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Student Education Support Program (SESP)

SESP programs offer free afterschool lessons to students in core subjects like math, English, and other topics necessary to complete government approved curriculum. These programs are designed to ensure girls have adequate help to succeed in their classes and keep them from falling behind or dropping out with the goal of finishing high school and preparing for university entrance exams.

Girls are more likely than boys to drop out of school, some with only a middle school education. Cramped classrooms, insufficient time to learn subjects, and even overwhelmed and unqualified teachers can become obstacles for girls to finish high school. The SESP programs are designed to catch girls who may fall through the cracks, and give them the support they need to continue with their studies.

These SESP programs meet six days a week for an hour and a half over a six-month period. The program accepts girls whose families cannot afford private tutors and are in the most danger of dropping out of school. Girls receive lesson overviews and expanded information on topics they learned in class earlier. This is especially helpful for students who don’t have enough time in classrooms to adequately understand their lessons, or for those in large classes where there may not be an opportunity to ask questions or get clarification.

The program supports girls at a vulnerable juncture in their lives, giving them tools for increased confidence, competence, and self-sufficiency. Its lower student-teacher ratios – classes never exceed 30 students — also increase the likelihood that girls will acquire the academic skills necessary to pursue and complete postsecondary education.

SESP  is an important addition to CAI’s programming and has proved helpful in not only keeping girls in school, but also encouraging them to go on to university studies. They are shaping the future leaders of Central Asia, and keeping them working hard in school.

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