Project Description


Scholarships For Students, Girls And Boys

Central Asia Institute’s scholarships for students is a program based on our philosophy to start with the needs of the community first. This strong foundation has created one of the most diverse and comprehensive international scholarship programs in the countries we serve.

Scholarships for All

Recipients range from kindergarten to Ph.D. students, ensuring that bright young students have the foundation to excel and women have the support to push boundaries into new fields.

Thinking Beyond Tuition

In developing countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan it is important to consider financial and cultural barriers to education. Our scholarships take a holistic approach to create a successful environment for all students, sometimes covering travel expenses, room and board, and stipends for those who come from low-income families.

Community Trust

Our in-country partners have developed strong relationships with community leaders in the areas we serve, who provide insight on families in need of assistance. These leaders help students with the application process and identify new candidates.

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