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Quick Learning Centers (QLC)

 Quick Learning Centers create another safe and sustainable way for students to learn school subjects like reading and writing. They are meant to quickly fill in gaps and catch students up on course materials.

Quick Learning Centers help those students who may fall through the cracks without an education. They serve older students who may have had the opportunity to attend a school get caught up on classes once school comes to their village.

They also help students catch up with their classes when they miss large sections due to illness, fighting, family issues, or the strains of poverty. Without these programs, students who miss large portions of school are more likely to never return to school.

These expedited learning programs meet students where they are, whether they have never attended school or missed one or two grades. The teachers compress classes, but make sure the students are fluid in each subject. Once students complete their training, they can enter a real classroom and continue their education.

For many of the girls in conservative regions, QLC are the only form of school they can attend. Their families may not be comfortable with their girls attending schools or walking long distances by themselves. To them, QLCs are similar to homeschools and their smaller class sizes make them more comfortable.

Many times, once the families become comfortable with the girls attending Quick Learning Centers, they will allow them to attend school. Once the girls enter the classroom, they are prepared for the lessons ahead of them.

QLCs are an excellent tool to keep students in school and on track to achieving an education.

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