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Public Health

Student health is fundamental to education and learning. Public health services initiated with help from CAI are instrumental in maternal health care, infant wellness, nutrition, and hygiene programs. The effects of newly introduced health care programs in poor rural communities are staggering. Infant mortality rates can drop to nearly zero within a year. Khapaluk, Pakistan lost nearly 10 infants in childbirth every year. In 2010 CAI gave Shakeela, one of the local girls, a scholarship for midwife training. And in every year since Shakeela started practicing no children have died in childbirth.

Disaster relief assistance and clean water systems are also provided by CAI when a community demonstrates need. Clean water is essential to basic living standards and some remote villages have no resources to install even a basic well. The remote mountain regions of Central Asia are home to some of the planet’s most challenging environments. Extreme weather and natural disasters such as floods and landslides are common here. If natural disaster impedes the education of a community supported by CAI we can help with emergency funding to ensure students can return to their routines.

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