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Building Schools Abroad In Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tajikistan

Central Asia Institute has helped  build schools abroad for over twenty years. It all began with one school in Korphe, Pakistan and a promise to help a community. Now CAI supports over 190 schools and has plans to help build many more. Each project involves local people in all phases: initiation, implementation, and sustainability.

We work with local communities to build schools they need to improve their lives. These communities donate the land, the labor, and the drive to become part of the broader world. CAI, and our generous band of global supporters, provide funding for building materials and the knowledge needed to bring their vision to life. But, once the school is erected the work really begins. Students need school supplies, uniforms, and furniture. Teachers need equipment to succeed. And in order to continually serve the community regular building maintenance is needed to keep everything in working order and sustainable into the future.

The effects of this way of helping communities build their own schools and achieve their own goals have been nothing short of incredible. Community supported schools are a source of local pride. And the end result is a school that is cared for and nurtured. Rural communities once cut off from the rest of the world are now literate and part of a broader global conversation. They are also influential in helping neighboring communities to achieve their education goals.

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For more information download our Impact Report and Master Project List.

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