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“Supporting CAI gives me hope for a more peaceful region and world through education.”

Anonymous, CAI Dream Maker since 2009

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  • The ongoing support of monthly donors, CAI’s Dream Makers, gives us the resources to plan into the future and provide uninterrupted education for women and girls.
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Become a CAI Dream Maker

What do Dream Makers have to say?

“I have long believed that the best way to fight terrorism and poverty is to educate the women. When the women have knowledge, they begin to realize they have power. They begin to transfer that to their children. They teach their daughters that women are valuable and can make a difference. They teach their sons compassion. They teach their children that there is more than one way to look at the world. Eventually this brings on critical thinking, evaluation of circumstances, and recognition that we are all human, in this world together. Educating women won’t change the world today, or even tomorrow, but it will make a lasting difference as generation after generation grows up with the power of knowledge.”
– Elaine Olson, CAI Dream Maker since 2007

“CAI does a great job of educating underprivileged girls and boys that dream of a good life and a bright future. The ability to read and write is the ultimate empowerment for humans and CAI enables this strength through schooling. I am so fortunate to be a part of CAI family in advancing freedom and happiness in this world. CAI team, keep up the good work and don’t let geo-political setbacks affect the mission of enlightenment.”
– Anonymous, CAI Dream Maker since 2008

Become a CAI Dream Maker

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