One Student, One Tree

For the teachers of Central Asia Institute’s Afghan Girls Education (AGE) program, environmental stewardship and education go hand in hand. This spring, classrooms in four Badakhshan districts launched a new initiative to plant one tree for every student in class. Their goal: to make Afghanistan green.

Mrs. Bashira, a teacher from Dehqan Khana, was thrilled to take part in the “One student, one tree” campaign. She and her students planted five trees in their classroom area, sparking joyful reactions from the children.

Students planting trees

Marjan, one of Mrs. Bashira’s students, was excited to be a part of the campaign and said that it was the first time she had ever planted a tree. For her and her classmates, it was a unique experience and has become a source of pride as they tend to the young trees.

The campaign similarly received a warm welcome from the surrounding communities. Mr. Namaz, a teacher from Kata Dara reflected: “Children are like newly planted trees. They require nurturing, attention, and care. It is crucial for families and parents to take responsibility for their children’s education and growth. Only then can we hope to achieve a green and prosperous Afghanistan.”

Students planting trees

With more than a third of Afghanistan’s forests lost in the past three decades, there is a long journey ahead to bring back the greenery. However, education about climate change and the conservation of natural resources is one important piece of the puzzle. These teachers and students are helping lead the way to a greener Afghanistan.

Students in Afghanistan with their parents



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