What is the Best Mother’s Day Gift

As Mother’s Day approaches (it’s May 14th!) it’s time to consider what mothers really want. Beyond gifts and appreciation, mothers all over the world want their children to thrive, to get an education, and to flourish.

Mothers in the poorest regions of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan are struggling to make this wish a reality for their children. Living in extreme poverty, basic needs can sometimes be difficult to provide, let alone education that can lead to a bright future. At Central Asia Institute, we’re continually inspired by the mothers we meet, who are sacrificing everything so their children can go to school.

Mother’s Day Thanks For Our Dedicated Mothers

One of these dedicated mothers in Najeeba, one of the first women to teach at a local literacy center and a principal of a girls’ school in Kabul. Her parents were not educated, but her mother insisted Najeeba should get an education. Now that Najeeba is a mother, she works hard to ensure her six children go to school.

“Women are the base of society,” she says. “If you have a good base, you will have a good society.” She believes in working hard to support the girls in her school because her mother gave up so much so she could learn.

Najeeba’s daughter, Bibi Amini does not take her mother’s sacrifice lightly. She is training to be an x-ray technician, but dreams of being a doctor someday. She is one of only 13 girls in a class of 38. On the way to school, boys who don’t think she should attend classes tease her, and they often send harassing text messages. These daily struggles won’t stop her from following her mother’s example and carrying on a legacy of education. Najeeba is a constant source of support for her daughter, encouraging her to pursue her dreams despite the hostility she faces.

There are thousands of mothers like Najeeba, and some are unable to educate their daughters even though it is what they want most in the world. They sacrifice everything they have to make sure their children thrive, and they are willing to do anything to help them go to school.

How to Honor Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day you can honor the love and dedication mothers in your life show every day, and help the mothers in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan achieve their dreams. To celebrate all mothers, Central Asia Institute will send the mother in your life a beautiful card and packet of wildflower seeds when you make a donation of $10 or more to help mothers in Central Asia.

It’s the perfect gift for the wonderful women who have dedicated their lives to ensuring their children have every opportunity possible, and the rewards will go farther than they can imagine.

If you would like to order a Seeds of Knowledge packet and card to be sent to the mother in your life, please click the button below. Orders must be in by May 5 to make it in time for Mother’s Day.



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