Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Make a Difference

Every year, finding the right gift for Mother’s Day is a struggle. The traditional flowers, brunches, and jewelry never match up to just how much you appreciate her caring spirit and all she’s done for you.

This Mother’s Day, gift ideas are made easy. A special way to say “I love you” is through CAI’s Gift Shop For Good. When you purchase a gift from the shop, like a backpack or computer, the donation is made in honor of your mother. Everyone wins – you give your mother a thoughtful gift, a child overseas pursues their education with the product you select, and your mother knows that she raised you to help others.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Honor All Mothers

Throughout your childhood, your mother bought you the school supplies you needed, paid for your school trips, gave you a backpack to carry your things and sent you to school with love. That education gave you the opportunity to pursue your career and take on new challenges with confidence.

In the poorest parts of Central Asia, sometimes love is the only thing a mother can provide. Students in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan often don’t have   to carry their books and supplies. For a caring Mother’s Day gift idea, consider sharing the education your upbringing afforded you. Mothers in these countries care about their children’s education, like your mother cared about yours. Yet, often they don’t have the means to buy what their children need to learn. Honor mothers everywhere by gifting what they can’t afford alone.

Charitable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Mother’s Caring Spirit

Did your mother help you learn your ABCs as a child? Millions of mothers would love to teach their children to read and write too, but they never had the opportunity. On a classroom whiteboard, impoverished children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan will learn to read, and perhaps write a card to their own mothers as a Mother’s Day gift idea of their own.

Did your mother worry about your safety when you were younger, and want to keep you safe and warm? In communities that are so poor that children are forced to learn outside, a tent school could provide privacy and protection from the weather and help mothers feel more at ease. With a charitable Mother’s Day gift of a shelter for learning, you’ll ensure dozens of children are safe and sound and ready to learn.

Did your mother take you to the doctor when you were sick? Mothers in Central Asia want to take their children to the doctor’s office, but that’s not always possible because women and girls are often only allowed to see female doctors. In Central Asia, not enough girls get the education they need to become doctors or nurses. You can make a Mother’s Day gift of supporting a girl with a scholarship to fill the gap.

A charitable Mother’s Day gift made in honor of your mother is a good way to show your appreciation and love. You’ll receive a personalized e-card with your Mother’s Day gift to tell your mother how much of a difference she’s made in your life and to people in Central Asia.

Share Your Mother’s Love With A Charitable Mother’s Day Gift

No matter what your mother does, she shares her love with you. Share that spirit by making a difference in dozens of others’ lives. When you tell your mother that her gift directly helps mothers and children around the world, she’ll know how much you value all the things she does, every day.

Every gift in Central Asia Institute’s gift catalogue goes directly to programs overseas, so your Mother’s Day gift idea will directly help mothers and daughters across the world. You can make this Mother’s Day a special one for many mothers, including yours, with a charitable Mother’s Day gift.

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