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The Unstoppable Girls’ Education Revolution Has Begun

The 2016 Journey of Hope magazine chronicles the stories of women and men in Central Asia and around the globe who are picking up pens, paintbrushes, books, and microphones to change their futures.

They are part of an unstoppable revolution for girls’ education, a peaceful movement that bridges cultures, age, and geography to declare that if we stand together, we stand as one.

Journey of Hope 2016
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Afghan Graffiti Artist Takes to the Streets to Stand Up for the People


It’s thirty minutes into our conversation when Omaid Sharifi puts me on hold.
“I’m sorry, my dad is calling. Just a moment.”

Omaid is the co-founder of Artlords, a social and human rights movement that uses art, graffiti in particular, to bring about change in Afghanistan.

After a moment he is back online.

“American University of Afghanistan was attacked. Terrorists… some attackers are inside. All my friends are at the university. One of my friends is injured, so it’s a very tense situation right now. Can you do this later?”

Of course this conversation can wait.

“He’s stuck inside a classroom,” he says of his friend. “I have to find a way to reach him. Please, please we will talk later.”

… And then he’s gone.

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The Unstoppable Girls’ Education Revolution

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