A Moment of Reflection and Thankfulness from CAI Students and Teachers

November seems to call for a thoughtful pause in the moment between the bustle of summer and the hurried steps of winter. Thanksgiving reminds us to take time to reflect on the moments, accomplishments, and hard work, but it’s important to keep these reflections with us throughout the year.

At CAI we have many achievements and gifts to give thanks for. Working hand-in-hand with our donors, supporters and in-country partners, we’ve been able to empower thousands of students, women, and girls through better access to education, teacher training programs, vocational schools, and scholarships for higher education.

In this time of reflection and contemplation, we thought it would be meaningful to share stories from our students and teachers. They are thankful for the education and support that has helped them achieve so much more than they could have imagined.

Thankful for the Chance to Study

Wajima is a student in one of our Student Education Support Programs (SESP) near Kabul, Afghanistan. She sits in the front row of her class to make sure she soaks up each lesson. Wajima tells us that all students who want a bright future attend the course, and she would like to thank everyone who made this program possible. She’s first in her class for grade 10, and she hopes to make good marks at University.

Thankful for the Chance to Teach Children

Marziya Mowruzshoeva is a first-year teacher who graduated from a teacher training in Tajikistan. She’s thankful for the chance to learn techniques for managing classrooms and instructing students. Marziya is not sure she would have made it as a teacher if she didn’t have the training. She’s thankful for the opportunity to help children learn when they are young.

“The first 3 years of a child’s life are the best for learning, their brain is a clean piece of paper and whatever you write will stay there,” Marziya explains. “If you write the right things they will be a kind intelligent person. If you write the wrong things they will be save it in their minds forever.”

Thankful for the Joy Learning Can Bring

Urza is around 60 years old, though she isn’t sure of her exact age. She attends a literacy program in Kabul and is learning to read and write. She is thankful for the joy, friendship, and purpose learning has brought her. Her husband passed away 15 years ago, and afterward she fell into isolation and depression. She is much happier now that she can attend literacy classes because she has purpose and has made many new friends.

The Importance of Giving Thanks

It’s easy to rush through life, hurtling from one day to the next, and we forget for a moment to stop and reflect on the simple things to be thankful for. We can give thanks for our families who support us, our access to education where we learn to think and interpret our world, or simply for a sunny, quiet day to rest and recharge.

Everyday at CAI we’re thankful for all the people who help us on our mission to empower women and girls in Central Asia through access to education. We’re grateful for each blog share, social media like, and each donation. We’re thankful for this amazing band of people from around the world who are raising their hands in favor of girls’ education. We couldn’t do it without you.