CAI is building foundations of hope

Foundations of Hope

Education: The Civil Rights Movement of Our Time

When you take away barriers to education and a student can experience success for the first time, this becomes a foundation for further success. They learn that there is no limit to what they can do. CAI’s spring campaign will directly fund boundary walls, tent schools, and essential supplies, because when children are not given the opportunity to use their energy in a positive way they are more likely to use it in a negative way. Education has the power to break this cycle.

Refugee crisis in Jalalabad

Refugee Crisis in Jalalabad 

Today, thousands of Afghan refugees are being forced back into the war-torn country they thought they had left behind. Many have settled in the border town of Jalalabad, overwhelming the city’s infrastructure. Schoolchildren sit in the open, without toilets, books, or shelter in all weather. CAI is raising fund to provide them with tent schools and supplies.

Korphe: The seed that grew a movement

Korphe: The seed that
grew into a movement

Two decades ago the movement to promote peace through education began at the base of the Karakorum Mountain range. It started with a single school in the village of Korphe. This year, as CAI celebrates its 20th anniversary, we are pleased to announce that the village just received four new classrooms, a teacher’s office, boundary walls, and playground. Teachers now teach in the school they went to as children.

Boundary Walls

Boundary Walls: Dangers out,
students in

The dangers of attending an unprotected school—poisoning, kidnapping, and arson to name a few—are so great that many parents forbid their daughters to go to schools. This was the case for 150 girls at CAI-supported Musakhil Middle School. Keep the children safe, by donating to our spring campaign.

Get or give a gift

If our cause or our friends’ stories touch your heart, please consider making a gift in support of our effort to bring boundary walls and tent schools to people in need.

Don’t have much to give? That’s OK. Even small gifts can make a big difference. Just $17 a month can provide as many as 60 children with a tent school in a year’s time.

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