Scholarships Fill Empty Chairs After Attack

Dear Friends,

In a statement last Friday, Central Asia Institute condemned the brutal attack on the American University of Afghanistan and shared our condolences with those families who lost loved ones. We have decided that this is not enough.

Newton’s third law states, that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Our reaction to terrorism and ignorance, is peace and education. So we are making a pledge.

For every student who was killed in this horrific attack, the global CAI family will provide a scholarship to send one student to school.

We cannot do it alone. We all grieve for the innocent lives lost. But grieving alone will not change anything.

Just $80/month supports one university scholarship student. Let us fill the classroom chairs that are now empty.

The Guardian reports that at least 16 people lost their lives in the assault, including eight students and two professors, and dozens more were injured. These young women and men were the next Afghan leaders, the next Afghan peacemakers, and the best hope for a bright future.

Take a stand against violence. Fill the chairs. The future of education in Afghanistan depends on the action you take today.

james thaden



James Thaden, Executive Director

Please notify others who want to help – share this message using the link below, or get the word out on social media #FillTheChairs.

Fill The Chairs