Schoolchildren in Central Asia want to help you achieve your goal

Every December 45 percent of Americans decide that the next year will be the year they’ll turn their lives around – exercise more, spend quality time with family, or learn a new language. Maybe they will start taking night classes, sign up for a healthy cooking class, or write to distant relations. Whatever their resolution is they will dive in with enthusiasm and it will feel great – at least in the beginning. But making major changes in your life is hard. That is why only 8 percent of people achieve their New Year’s resolutions.

But we have a suggestion. In 2016, let CAI help you reach your goal and at the same time you can help girls and boys in Central Asia get the education they so desperately want.

Need some ideas about how to make it happen?

Resolution: Stay in touch

Wish you were better at keeping in touch? Always procrastinate when it comes to writing to your pen pal or responding to your great aunt Mildred? For every day you put it off, put a dollar in a jar. Or, if you are on top of things, put a nickel in a jar for every word you write. It will put a smile on aunt Mildred’s face and on the face of a little girl who is learning her times tables in a CAI-supported school.

Resolution: Get fit

Every time you go to the gym put a dollar in a jar. Your muscles will grow and, thanks to your generosity, so too will an early childhood development (Head Start) program in Tajikistan. Read the article “Head Start” in Journey of Hope.

Resolution: Be healthy

Learn a few healthy recipes and try them out on friends. Have your friends over for a dinner party. Rather than bringing a side, ask them to contribute to a good cause. Feed your friends and nurture a child’s curiosity by helping girls who are behind in their studies receive extra tutoring as part of CAI’s QuickStart program. Delicious, healthy recipes from Central Asia are available here (link to Dine for HER).

Resolution: Run a race

For every mile you run, either in the race or in training, have friends donate a certain amount. Or use your time to motivate sponsors. Finish a 5K race in 35 min and have your sponsors donate $35 to a worthy cause.

students waving

None of these ideas strike your fancy? Additional fundraising ideas are available at and

Happy New Year and best of luck with your 2016 New Year’s resolution. We’re rooting for you!

Part of the 55 percent who didn’t make a New Year’s resolution? That’s ok, you can still make a difference. Show your support and donate today.

Share your creative fundraising ideas with us in the comments below or on Facebook. We want to know how you are making the world a better place.

After all, challenges are more easily overcome when you have friends cheering you on.