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I Rise Above Poverty. I Rise Above Fear. I Rise Above Any Barrier.

“If I could have one wish, it would be to educate the coming generation.” Parween Dedarn is the only female teacher and the headmaster of her tent school in Afghanistan. Each day she rides a motorcycle through dangerous roads to reach her students, determined to help them rise above barriers like poverty, discrimination, and threats from extremists.



From, Parween Dedarn, to refugee children in the village of Lokhai who fight harsh sun, wind, and the ever present dust for a chance to change their futures, to the women of Bano who are learning to bake and run their own businesses, people in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan are overcoming incredible barriers. They consider themselves the lucky ones, the ones who found hope to rise above hardships through CAI’ s donor-supported programs.

You can read these incredible stories of triumph and challenge in the latest Journey of Hope magazine, our annual publication showcasing the lives, culture, and determination of these incredible people at the top of the world.

This year’s publication will take you from dusty refugee camps where education provides a guiding light, to the remote and mountainous region of Diamer, Pakistan where prevailing thoughts on education are shifting, to understanding the incredible impact one person can have on the world. Don’t miss out on the biggest publication of the year. Order a free hard copy or download the magazine.

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I Rise Above
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In This Issue:

  • The Professional Bakers of Bano
  • In Her Own Words: Saima’s Story
  • Tapping into the Power of One
  • Executive Brief: What is it like to work in Central Asia?
  • Preventing Another Lost Generation: Educating Refugees Will Save a Nation
  • Computer Literacy At the End of the Road
  • Photo Essay Delicious Dishes from Central Asia
  • To Eradicate Poverty in Afghanistan We Must Empower Women
  • A Woman’s Place
  • Rising from the Dust
  • Dialogue Opens Doors to Education in Diamer
  • 2006 Pakistan National Curriculum: Importance and Implementation Challenge
  • 546 Examples of Kindness
We Will Rise Above

You can help re-write the stories of thousands more deserving students, ensure that refugee children don’t become a lost generation, create opportunities for women to become entrepreneurs through vocational training, and help these hard working people rise above any challenge that comes their way. Each day they face many barriers that try to keep them down, but together we won’t let that happen. Together we will help them rise.

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