Journey of Hope 2019


Inside Journey of Hope magazine, you’ll find a fantastic array of stories, articles, and photographs that will take you on a journey—one that will bring to life the transformative power of education.

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In the magazine, you’ll see how education and job training are creating opportunities where none existed before. Most importantly, you’ll learn how your support is making a difference and changing lives for the better in some of the poorest, most remote, and most conflict-ridden parts of the globe.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the articles.

Journey of Hope Photo Essay
Struggle for Education in Pakistan as a Girl without a Father
Education in War-Torn Afghanistan

Don’t Just Read About The Journey, Be A Part Of It

The youth and women of Central Asia are among the most eager students we’ve seen anywhere in the world. They want to learn. They’re motivated to lift their families out of poverty. Their desire to bring peace and prosperity to their communities and their country is unshakeable. All they need is the chance.

Your generous support and solidarity have allowed them to cover enormous ground and make incredible gains. And while the path ahead will be rough, for them there is no turning back. Join us in standing with them as they chart their course to a better future, one of greater equality, opportunity, and hope.

The journey of hope is a journey forward. They’re ready to launch. Help them soar. Give generously today!