How Can You Increase Girls’ Access to Education?

Why are 130 million girls still out of school globally? Many of the barriers stymying girls’ access to education in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan are necessities most of us take for granted – safe places to learn, access to clean and sanitary bathrooms, a simple classroom to protect us from the elements. You have the power to remove these barriers, so all girls have the chance to learn.


The Problems Hindering Girls’ Access to Education

This spring, CAI has prioritized three major problems hindering girls’ access to education. Each problem has a simple solution you can be a part of:


Would you send your child to school without a safe and secure perimeter? Many schools in Afghanistan don’t have a safe boundary to protect girls and allow them the freedom to learn and play.


In Pakistan, the desire for education is growing fast, and the population is growing faster. Several teachers are forced to hold classes in the same rooms at the same time, and many other students are forced to learn outside without any protection from the elements. In Tajikistan, the schools are in such bad repair that students can’t even attend them in the winter. Many buildings make them sick from the dampness and mold caused by leaking roofs and cracks in the walls.


Imagine if you couldn’t go to the bathroom at school? Many children don’t have access to sanitary facilities and miss school because of illness or infections caused by lack of sanitary washrooms. Many never come back, and the majority of those students are girls. You can help prevent this.

Don’t let these barriers hold girls (or boys) back.

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Be Part of the Solution to Increase Girls’ Access to Education
Boundary Wall

Build a safer future:
CAI’s partner in Afghanistan has identified six schools in need of boundary walls. You can help girls stay safe and feel empowered to learn.

Boundary Wall Project Cost*

Materials like stone, concrete, and a security gate:


Design and operations:

Classroom Construction

Create more space to learn:
If you believe that all children deserve to learn inside their own safe classrooms, you can make sure schools have the capacity to house every student who wants to get an education.

Average Classroom Addition Cost*




Sanitary Water

Keep kids healthy:
Don’t let lack of access to clean and sanitary washrooms be the barrier that stops girls from going to school.

Average Washroom Cost*




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*Prices vary depending on size, location, cost of local materials, and transportation.