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in the time of COVID

Read stories of struggle and triumph
in the Journey of Hope magazine.
Hope and Resilience in the time of COVID

Hope and resilience in the time of COVID

Read stories of struggle and triumph in the Journey of Hope magazine.

When the deadly coronavirus spread like lighting across the globe earlier this year, people in remote, impoverished communities endured untold suffering. Pre-existing vulnerabilities such as inadequate health care, education, and economic support left the marginalized communities that CAI has long served uniquely susceptible to the crisis.

And it’s unclear whether 2021 will bring solutions to the current crisis. We foresee the impact of COVID-19 continuing for months in the regions where we work. Your continued support is crucial if we’re going to overcome the enormous challenges ahead. Consider making a donation today

Support women & children in these difficult times.

Inside: Stories of hope and resilience

And yet, even in these terrible circumstances, there are many stories of people triumphing over adversity and finding ways to thrive.

In this year’s Journey of Hope magazine, you’ll read about how people were able to overcome extreme hardship with resilience, optimism, and the generous support of donors like you. And you’ll see how CAI, along with our partners and supporters, has been able to find innovative solutions to urgent problems. Read it now!

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We can’t move forward without you.

This past year has shown us that while we can’t always control what happens, we CAN control how we respond. Your gift tells the girl in Tajikistan, the woman in Kabul, and the college student in Pakistan that she’s not alone. Your support shows that you care and want her to succeed. Your donation says it all.

Please consider a gift today. Your donation allows us to join with the people of Central Asia as they work towards a better future, one of greater equality, opportunity, and hope.



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