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The desire for education is so great in Central Asia that students and teachers risk their safety every day to study and work in dilapidated schools. These schools, old and crumbling, could collapse at any moment. But there is no other choice. There is no other building to use, no money to rebuild, and no one to help them.

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Footsteps Spring 2019

Building Schools Since 1996

Central Asia Institute has been helping communities build schools for 23 years.

Learn about our start in northern Pakistan, our first school, and how we’ve grown.


Breaking Ground

In May, we hope to break ground on a new school for the dedicated students and teachers of Spinz Village.

We’re starting just in time. Spinz School is in a state of emergency.

The walls of Spinz School look like something out of Alice in Wonderland, curving and buckling at odd angles. If you touch it, the roof crumbles and leaves a gaping hole for light to shine through. The school is barely standing.

“According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, this school is in emergency condition. To be there, and even more to study there, is very dangerous. But as our children have no choice they are continuing to study there,” said teacher Farrukh Odinamamadov.

It looks like a strong wind could topple the rickety school. Even if a strong wind didn’t knock it over, an earthquake certainly would.

“One more earthquake and it will all overwhelm us,” said Ruzafzun Muazambekova, who teaches Russian. “If CAIT won’t rebuild it we’ll keep teaching and studying while these walls are here and we will hold the ceiling up with our hands.”

Earthquakes happen frequently in the region. The construction team must hurry to complete the new school before a quake puts lives at risk.

Help Build the Future of Education - Spinz School
Spinz School In Need of Repair

Engineer says school is dangerous

“The school was built by the local people without drawing up a project [blueprint]. The rules and regulations of construction are not met anywhere… Education in this school is dangerous for students and teachers.”
– Asad Oliftaev, Engineer

Students are thrilled to get new school

“It will be the best thing that will happen to us.”
– Guliver Aydarbekov, Grade 8

“As I imagine it will be bigger, it will be much warmer, it will have bigger window than this one. And will be proud of our school and also will try to be the best students of our school.”
– Khubchehra Kalamova, Grade 8

“We will be very very happy and will ask God to bless the CAI Tajikistan donors.”
– Farrukh Odinamamadov, Teacher

Why people are chipping in

“ I think that building a good school in Spinz, and elsewhere in Tajikistan, is like building a bridge between people, showing that we care, that we are all one family on this planet. ”
– Nancy, Monthly Donor

We need to start now

No child should have to study in a building that is unsafe. With more than 200 dangerous schools in this region alone, we need to start re-building now.

Average cost to build a school like Spinz:

  • Materials & transportation: $30,683
  • Design & engineering: $19,817
  • Labor: $9,750
  • Ventilation & heating: $6,825
  • Electricity: $2,925
  • Total: $70,000


Donations, big and small, make a huge difference. Whether you turn the lights on in the school or purchase a single nail, your gift will help us keep the children of Central Asia safe in school.

Let’s build safe schools together.