Happy Holidays To You and Your Family

As you sit down to celebrate, sip hot cocoa and go sledding, or take part in your favorite traditions this holiday season, know we are so glad to count you as part of the CAI family and wish you happy holidays.

We’re thankful for your support, your blog reads, your social media shares, and your compassion for the people in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. This has been a year of tremendous momentum and milestones. Thank you for standing with us through all of our triumphs and challenges.

Together we’ve accomplished so much. Providing more than 600 scholarships to deserving students, preparing hundreds of teachers through teacher-training courses, and installing a new water pump for a Kona Kurgan High School, are just a few examples of the impact. Dozens of other school improvement projects were completed, women who had no previous skills to earn money learned trades in our vocational centers, and thousands of students picked up pens, papers, and books to become unstoppable.

We’ve got big plans for 2017. We want to raise money for even more scholarships, help repair and improve even more schools, and create even more opportunities for you to engage with CAI and learn about the programs and the people we work with.

When we return from the holidays, we’ll be working twice a hard! The road to peace is a long one, and we’re thankful you’re on the journey with us.

Happy Holidays!