Funding scholarships for women and girls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan.

13 07, 2017

In Her Own Words: An Honest Letter From a Scholarship Student

2018-03-28T08:33:36-06:00July 13th, 2017|Impact, Scholarships for Students, Tajikistan|4 Comments

“Tajik women must be educated for a healthy and a happy life. An educated woman can be a better human being, successful mother and a responsible citizen.” These words come from Ayperi Kubanichbekova, a shining example of determination and passion for learning exhibited by CAI scholarship students the keep girls in school.

4 02, 2016

Mongol Rally: Jackson and The Mama’s Boys

2018-03-28T18:37:56-06:00February 4th, 2016|P2P Fundraising, Scholarships for Students|6 Comments

He knows the impact that $10,000 can have within the communities where HER and CAI work. Since all of these funds will go towards supporting educational programs, they will make a distinct impact in communities of Tajikistan, where the boys will happen to be driving through. So, Jackson and The Mama’s Boys aren’t just adventurous young travelers, they are change makers. And they are inspiring change in HER name.