26 11, 2018

Giving Tuesday: Funding Education with Gratitude and Generosity

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The spirit of giving is grounded in gratitude. Throughout the holiday season, we take stock of our lives and our world—the good, the difficult, the beautiful and the hard. And inspired by the good, in spite of the difficult, we give. It truly takes a grateful heart to give generously. When we appreciate what we have, we understand the importance of sharing it.

This Giving Tuesday, in the spirit of generosity, Central Asia Institute invites you to change the world through the education of girls and women. Communities near and far are suffering division, violence, loss, and fear, but there is […]

26 10, 2018

To Risk Nothing is to Have Nothing

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By Sa’adia Khan

Before leaving for a photojournalism assignment I write a letter to my children. The hope is that I will return to dispose of the letter myself, but there is a real chance that I will not. As a photojournalist, working in developing countries, I fully appreciate the imminent dangers of certain regions; travel to these areas can be riddled with challenges such as landslides, flooding, and landmines. In one of my first assignments I was commissioned to travel to FATA [Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Area], when my then 13-year-old son, asked me if it was safe to go […]

10 10, 2018

What’s cooking in Afghanistan? One woman’s struggle to work

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With more than 60 percent of its population currently under the age of 25, Afghanistan is on the verge of a crisis. Millions of young people are preparing to enter the workforce in the next decade. Yet, training opportunities that would prepare them for this important transition are almost nonexistent. The question is, will they be ready when the time comes? The United Nations and development organizations around the world want to make sure that they are.

Today is International Day of the Girl Child and this year’s theme is A Skilled GirlForce. Championed by the United Nations, the day marks […]

12 08, 2018

Women’s Empowerment through Education

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Gaining the Power of Choice in Central Asia

We don’t usually spend time considering the impacts of human choice unless our power to choose for ourselves is taken away. But for many young women living in Central Asia, the right to choose how their lives unfold was never an option. Whether dictated by culture, circumstance, family, or poverty, their paths are often already set. These young women may never make their own decisions about their career, their spouse, or even how they spend their days.

It’s all too common for women in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan to surrender their chance for […]

11 06, 2018

A Charitable Wedding Day is Special for Hundreds

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Chiara Guariglia’s wedding day will be special, and not just for herself and her fiancé Valerio Nardone. Chiara has chosen to dedicate her wedding to Central Asia Institute. As a result, the celebration will also be a event to remember for dozens of children in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan when they learn in schools supported by their charitable wedding gifts.

In Italy, guests usually place a gift of money into the bag or box at the reception. At Chiara’s wedding, when they open the gift box, they will see a note inside informing them that their gift is being donated to […]

24 05, 2018

Photo Update: New Photos of Spring Construction

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Imagine you’re a second-grade student in Tajikistan. It’s December and freezing, but your school is unheated. The cold concrete walls do little to trap the heat in, and there’s no floor, so the damp ground makes the room even more unbearable. Being in school makes you ill as your body struggles to keep warm.

Or maybe you’re a child in Pakistan. Your village had a school built 20 years ago, so you’re lucky to not be one of the 9.5 million primary-age students who don’t have access to education. But the number of children at your school has doubled, and your […]

3 05, 2018

We Remain Firmly Committed to Education in Afghanistan

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A Message from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

For the last two weeks, I have watched in disbelief and dismay as CAI’s Afghan friends and family faced unspeakable horrors, enduring violent attack after violent attack.

Just this Monday, 31 people were killed in a series of attacks in Afghanistan. On April 22, a suicide blast in Kabul killed 57 people — including at least five children — and wounded over 100 more at a voter registration center. That attack was preceded by a car bombing in southern Afghanistan in which at least 13 people were killed and 35 others injured. In […]

1 05, 2018

Photo Update: New Construction to Keep Children Safe

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For many in Central Asia, education takes place outdoors. Without classrooms or school buildings, students sit in chairs or on a carpet. If there is enough money, the school can buy a tent to keep rain and wind from stopping a lesson.

With little else to distinguish where a school property begins or ends, strangers can wander right onto the property or lurk at its borders. If that sounds concerning to you, it is as well for parents. Too often, that danger results in children kept at home, away from a threat of kidnapping or abuse. In conservative communities, where many […]

21 03, 2018

Why Do We Need More Classrooms? Ask the Teachers, Parents, and School Staff

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One of the major barriers to education in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Tajikistan isn’t what you might think. As populations grow and the education revolution takes hold, there simply aren’t enough classrooms to hold all the students who want to learn. This simple lack of classrooms is holding thousands of children back, and many of them are girls. How do we know? Along with research from various global relief organizations, we seek out counsel from the people living in the villages who are experiencing these problems first hand.

20 02, 2018

In Their Own Words: Scholarship Stories from Tajikistan

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In Tajikistan, poverty is one of the largest barriers to higher education. All too often promising students must end their academic dreams early, or their families take out loans they can never pay back and are often not sufficient to put their children through school. With help from donors, CAI’s partner in Tajikistan (CAIT) gives scholarships to students based on need and merit, ensuring poverty does not derail the dreams and careers of some of the country’s best and brightest students. Each applicant must submit their school grades and their family’s income information, complete an interview, and submit recommendations from village elders and teachers.