13 12, 2017

Afghan Food Celebrates Culture and Tradition

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During this festive time of the year the sweet smell of seasonal treats and the taste of traditional holiday foods connect us with familiar memories of family and culture. Hanukkah has just begun and many people are sharing potato latkes and sufganiyot(jelly donuts) or sitting down to meals of savory Brisket. People who celebrate Christmas are enjoying traditions from many cultures including specialty cookies, cakes, and puddings that hail as much from ancestral regions as they do family tradition. In many of the countries where CAI works, food plays an important cultural role during holidays, and nowhere is this more apparent than Afghanistan.  Afghan food plays a central role in culture, gatherings, and holidays.

4 12, 2017

Computer Skills Training in Northern Afghanistan is Revitalizing Schools

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In northern Afghanistan most schools don’t have computers. Teachers and administrators must keep track of grades, attendance, and lessons by hand. It’s not always lack of access to computers that’s holding these teachers back, but a lack of computer skills training and understanding of this new technology that keeps them isolated.

14 11, 2017

A Woman’s Place

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There is a saying in Afghanistan, “Women should stay home or in the grave.” This sentiment is a remnant of the Taliban-era, when women could be whipped in public for baring their ankles, lose a finger for painting their nails, or be thrown down a flight of stairs for hosting an informal school in their homes.

11 01, 2017

Don’t Let the Unstoppable Revolution for Girls’ Education Pass You By

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All over the world, the revolution for girl’s education is gaining strength. Young girls, mothers, daughters and wives are taking the first steps toward a future with education. People from all walks of life are standing with them, helping to provide schools and supplies, and give them a voice. Are you letting the revolution pass you by?

6 12, 2016

Girls’ Education: The Unstoppable Revolution

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There is a quiet revolution taking place in in the mountains, along the streams, in the cities, and the small villages throughout Central Asia. This revolution has nothing to do with warlords or violent clashes. It has everything to do with books, and pencils, and empowering women. This movement is an unstoppable revolution for girls' education. All through the region, girls and women are determined to go to school. Education gives them a future; it’s the key to becoming unstoppable.

2 12, 2016

5 Best Gift Ideas For The Journey of Hope Calendar

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Holiday shopping can be stressful when you’re out of ideas for gift exchanges, work events, and the people that are hardest to shop for. The Journey of Hope wall calendar, filled with colorful and inspiring photos of the people and places in Central Asia, is the solution to these holiday shopping woes. Here are five gift conundrums the calendar can solve.

26 11, 2014

Education heroes rise above hardship in 2014 ‘Journey of Hope’

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Education heroes rise above hardship in 2014 ‘Journey of Hope’

“My own heroes are the dreamers, those men and women who tried to make the world a better place than when they found it, whether in small ways or great ones. Some succeeded, some failed, most had mixed results… but it is the effort that’s heroic, as I see it. Win or lose, I admire those who fight the good fight.” – Novelist George R.R. Martin

In some parts of the world, just getting up in the morning, putting your shoes on, and going to school is one of the bravest things […]

7 08, 2014

August 7 – 2014 – Central Asia Institute Publishes its 2013 Annual Report

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August 7, 2014 – Central Asia Institute Publishes its 2013 Annual Report


Dear Friends of CAI,

I write as the new Executive Director of Central Asia Institute (CAI) with a positive report and message to accompany our 2013 financial statements.

In April 2011, CAI suffered a nationally televised assertion of widespread wrongdoing by a powerful reporting source. Within months, the Office of the Attorney General of Montana (OAG) had launched an investigation that resulted in a voluntary settlement that required CAI make […]