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2020 Wall Calendar

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Get this 2020 wall calendar to see the faces of people whose lives have been changed by girls’ education. Every month incredible photos will help you visit striking beautiful places in Central Asia where education is creating peace and changing the world.

The girls’ education movement has become a peaceful revolution changing hundreds of thousands of lives for the better. But, the journey to lasting peace is long. And we can’t make it without your help.  Take the first step. Order a 2020 Journey of Hope calendar today.

Photos From The Roof Of The World

Journey of Hope 2020 Calendar Central Asia Institute

We Can Change The World

When Central Asia Institute began helping remote mountain villages get the education they wanted in 1996, there was no formula for doing this kind of work, and no infrastructure to support it. To be successful community involvement was essential. Working hand in hand with local communities to help them achieve their goals has proven again and again that we are not powerless to change the world. Every student given an opportunity of education is one more person who will not turn to ignorance and violence, but will help lead the world in peace.

In Tajikistan

Soviet-era infrastructure and teaching methods keep the country from meeting it’s educational goals and 53% of the population still lives on less than $2/day.

In Pakistan

There are 25 million children unable to receive education and 46% of the population is illiterate.

In Afghanistan

There are 3 million children unable to receive education and 62% of the population is illiterate (only 24% of women can read).

For two decades, Central Asia Institute has worked to promote education, especially for girls, in places where access to schooling is often insufficient or nonexistent. This work would not have been possible without your help and support. 100% of calendar sales go to supporting peace through education in Central Asia.

—CAI Staff

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