Attack on American University of Afghanistan

Condemned as Attack on Afghanistan’s Future


Dear Friends,

The morning of August 25, a 10 hour assault on the American University of Afghanistan by unidentified militants came to an end. At least 13 people, including seven students, were killed and some 44 people were injured, none of them associated with CAI.

Witnesses recounted that the attack began with an explosion, which allowed militants to breach the campus gate and enter the premises. Gunmen in plain clothes then attacked students, teachers, and staff.

Students and teachers reportedly jumped out of second-story windows and leapt walls in an effort to escape.

The University is a growing hub for Afghan intellectualism, and boasts more than 1,700 students (many of whom are women). It was not surprising then that the U.S. State Department labeled the incident “an attack on the future of Afghanistan.” Afghan President Ashraf Ghani also spoke out about the incident saying in a statement, this “will not only fail to shake our determination, but will further strengthen it to fight and eradicate terror.”

This assault on education and peace hits at the core of our mission and our hearts. Central Asia Institute condemns this heinous act in the strongest possible way. But in this time of grief we would like to share our condolences with those families who lost someone and send our wishes for the speedy recovery of those who were wounded.



James Thaden, Executive Director
Christel Chvilicek, Development Director
Jennifer Sipes, Operations Director
Hannah White, Communications Director
Alanna Brown, Pennies for Peace Program Manager
Jennifer Pearson, Donor Relations Manager
Dustin Thompson, Communications Manager


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